Teens Torturing Kittens To Death

Teens Torturing Kittens To Death

(Kitten in photo not abused kitten)Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

In McCracken County, KY- On Saturday afternoon, investigators say three teens tortured, beat, and killed two kittens near the Lone Oak High School football field.


One teen took to Twitter to brag about the crime. In one picture labeled ‘before,’ the teen holds up an orange kitten. In the next picture, labeled ‘after,’ the lifeless body of the kitten is thrown over the side of a trashcan.


Lourdes Spencer, a local animal advocate, learned of the crime through social media and was one of the first to locate the cats.

She first spotted the orange kitten, recalling, “The cat’s head was bashed in in the side and it’s eyeball was popped out, it was just horrific.”


Spencer later located a larger gray cat nearby, “It was sickening.”

“I couldn’t eat my dinner that night,” she added.

The teen who initially bragged about the crime on Twitter, later claimed the kitten had been hit by a car.


Animal Control Officer Chrystal George took the dead animals to a local vet, “He’s taken a look and said it’s not appearing to be the case.”

George said it was a large stone the teens used to kill the kittens and called it ‘a murder weapon.’


Detectives with the McCracken County Sheriff’s Department are continuing their investigation and say charges are likely in the days ahead. The teens will be charged with animal cruelty, which carries up to 12 months behind bars and a $500 fine.


You can’t help but to ask.kitten Teens Torturing Kittens To Death trans Do these children have any conscious or are they brought up to impose torture and cruelty upon other living things? Is this a sign for what is to come for future abuse on animals and people when these children are older? It has to be stopped!

Update: Teens Arrested For Killing Kittens


It’s sad that torturing animals are everywhere. Another kitten tortured in West Columbus, OH. It was said that a children’s game got out of control when a group of about 12 kids aged 4 to 13 nearly tortured a kitten to death. They stomped on the poor kitten, used wielding sticks to poke the animal and used a squirt gun filled with milk to try to drown the cat.


Columbus Police reported that the kitten was taken to OSU Veterinary Medical Center for treatment. The kitten’s injuries were so serious that they resulted in having to euthanize the poor kitten.

Unfortunately, no arrests were made, but can the question of “why not?” be asked? Is it because all of the suspects are juveniles? Should this matter? Who is going to stop children from torturing innocent animals if no one takes a stand? It was said that an office was going to “attempt” to contact the parents. This is a deplorable lack of care for innocent living creatures!


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  • leatherface

    i’d like to cut the genitals off each of these kids and ram a chainsaw through their chest. they’re inhuman and should be killed without compassion. this is where society is wrong. the only way to stop evil…is to destroy it. if i saw a group like this torturing a poor INNOCENT cat I wouldn’t hesitate to bash them all to death myself.

  • leatherface


  • leatherface

    Oh well…I’m sure they’ll cop it in the back inside prison anyway