Cat From A Parking Lot

Cat From A Parking Lot

One scorching summer day, my family and I were out and waiting at a parking somewhere in our city, while my dad   was doing his business at the bank. I was sitting in our van comfortably and enjoying the AC with my mom and younger sister, when I heard, as what I thought, kittens meowing constantly.

I asked both my mom and sister, Alen “What was that?!” “Kittens!” Alen said.

Then my mom didn’t pause or anything and said immediately “No!”, she knew I would take the kittens.

“You can’t take anymore kittens, you already have a cat.” I knew it was hot outside and thought the kittens will surely die and they didn’t have their momma with them, I mean, why would a mom cat bring her kittens in the middle of a hot parking lot with cars that come and go?

“But they’re gonna die!” I told my mom “Yeah, we should get the kittens” Alen said. My sister was my back up in trying to induce my mom to save the kittens. Finally, we were able to convince her.

So, I opened the door and got out of the van, and gosh, it was really hot! I looked under the cars to see where the cries were coming from and couldn’t find them. I’ve looked over and over again under the cars that were parked in there, I can hear that they’re close to where I’m at, but still can’t find them.

“Excuse me sir, have you seen any kittens here?” I asked the security guard, in case he can help. He just laughed and didn’t bother to look.

I was sweating and felt burning I wanted to get back in the van but I just kept looking, meowing, crawling on the ground while people watch me look for the kittens. All of a sudden, it’s like they just fell off a car engine, two gray tabby kittens appeared, they’re about two weeks old. It’s one of the same cars I’ve been looking at under it.  They’re panting really fast and salivating, they were exposed in that hot place, who knows for how long.

I crawled halfway under the car, I felt like I’m getting fried as my skin touched the ground. I grabbed the kittens and rushed back into the van, turned the AC up and made them comfortable.

They stopped meowing and fell asleep. About after few minutes, the car they were under at drove away, good thing I was able to find them before anything happened to them.

I took care of them for about 3 weeks, unfortunately, one only survived of the two, Koko. I remember what day he was adopted because it was my birthday, and it was the best birthday gift, that he finally have a home.

He’s now living in his forever home with his hooman, Agnes Aguilando, who’s also been rescuing cats.

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photo credit: Nhessy

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