Abandoned kitten saved by loving retired guard dog

Abandoned kitten saved by loving retired guard dog

Lily the Akita adopted tiny abandoned kitten

Lorrie R.  and her family live near a heavily wooded park that is behind a train station and a very busy highway in south Florida. Every morning, they take out their very large Akita, Lily, there for a walk.
Despite the highway and trains, the park is a refuge for many birds and animals. Unfortunately, it’s also the place where other people dump their pets. In recent months, Lorrie have discovered 5 animals in the park and find birds in distress.
One day, They were out for a usual walk with her dog Lily, she said. ‘I heard a loud funny noise as we entered the park and I thought it was a bird. We walked Lily and on the way out I decided to investigate the noise that was still quite loud thinking it could be an injured bird.’
‘Lily is 10 YO. I owned a store that has some security problems and my daughter got her for me as a gift to feel safer at work. She had basic training and then training as a guard dog. She has become my heart dog and constant companion as she came to work with me every day until I retired. She has never lived with a cat and never had pups of her own.’
As Lorrie and Lily was walking towards the noise, Lily started sniffing around and suddenly pounced! Up she came with a 2-week-old kitten in her mouth. I nearly fainted! Shouted the DROP IT! command and she deposited the kitty in front of me unharmed.’ says Lorie.

The kitten was all alone and left to to die in the woods. Lorrie brought the kitten to her home and tried to feed her , but she was nowhere near weaned. They decided to take the kitten to the Humane Society thinking that they could help the kitten.

Unfortunately, according to Lorrie , both the Humane Society and the Broward County Animal Control offices said they would not take her and would put her down if left there. HS offered to give Lorrie KMR and told her if she hand fed the kitten for a month they would then take the kitten to be placed.

‘So I brought her home thinking it was going to be a very long month keeping them apart and safe. Much to my surprise, Lily has adopted the kitten! Comes and gets me when she needs to be fed and watches to make sure I do it right!’ Lorie added, ‘They seem to be doing very well together, though I am afraid to leave them untended- the size difference is major. I think Lily wants to keep her and I think in a months time she may get her wish!’

▼ Abandoned kitten trying to nurse on Lily. She looks worried.

Akita-guard-dog-saved-abandoned-kitten retired guard dog Abandoned kitten saved by loving retired guard dog u8lh

▼ Lily helps take care of the kitten they found in the park.

cute-kitten-adopted-by-guard-dog retired guard dog Abandoned kitten saved by loving retired guard dog lzb5

▼ ‘Are you my mommy?’

guard-dog-saved-abandoned-kitten-from-park retired guard dog Abandoned kitten saved by loving retired guard dog mkrb

▼ Lily the Akita, helping her baby kitten work out her wobbly uncoordinated little legs.

guard-dog-adopted-kitten-teaching-walk retired guard dog Abandoned kitten saved by loving retired guard dog adz1

▼ Too much cuteness and love. They both look happy to have each other.

little-kitten-abandoned-found-cared-by-guard-dog retired guard dog Abandoned kitten saved by loving retired guard dog yst3

Thank you Lorrie R. for the story and photos :) retired guard dog Abandoned kitten saved by loving retired guard dog icon smile

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  • Greg Skies


  • guest

    Awwww love hearing stories like this!

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  • jo

    I presently have a male Akita, ” Bo” , 4.5 yrs.,

    he is my fifth raised Akita. I live in Miami Beach. Bo and I would love to meet Lily. Please email me Thank You.

    • MsPhillyG

      Ma’am, I would love to know where that park is that Lorie R, found that kitty..since she says this is a drop off point I would love to help keeping and eye out for abandoned pets. I’m like 20min north of Miami. She is a beautiful caring woman and I just love her dog Lilly. I would love to walk my dogs through a place like that since dog parks are kinda out of the question.

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  • Veronica Parra

    About three weeks ago we found a kitty (about 4 weeks old) in our back yard. We have never owned an indoor cat and neither have our doggies (German Shepherd, Mastiff and Pit Bull). We tried to find a home for her but there were no takers :(….So we kept her. “Tulip” our Pit Bull loves her! She is very protective of her, she makes sure the other two dogs are gentle with her or aren’t bothering her. When we get home from work Tulip sits outside the kitty’s room anxiously waiting until we let her out so that she can give her kisses. It’s really sweet to see them interacting. Animals never cease to amaze me!

  • ibuymusic

    Animals dont get enough credit. We as humans assume we know better when it comes to care and change, but animal instinct always wins. Some animals arent that good with other animals, but that is normally the way they are being raised, not the animal itself. Usually those people arent adopting homeless cats! Good dog!! I will always love animals more than people.

    • Kayla the animal owner

      I could understand my grandparents dog Harry has a mothering personality even though he’s a boy. He once found wild babby bunnies whos mother ded, and instead of doing what he was breed for, being a terrier, he just picked them up and brought them to my grandparents setting them down and cleaning them.

  • Ki Kai

    This story brought tears to my eyes. Over 15 years ago, I adopted a kitten from the Humane Society and also had two female Akitas (10 and 8 years). I kept the kitten separated for a few days, but when all three met each other in a controlled environment, they all became a happy family. The oldest Akita would wash the kitten on a daily basis. The kitten would also curl up at night next to the younger Akita. As each Akita crossed the Rainbow Bridge, we all felt a loss.

    • MsPhillyG

      Sorry for your lost….have you gotten more dogs??

  • Baby Scholz

    That’s Beautiful! But scary! … I had a terrible experience with My Akita. A 6yr old female, who does get along with cats, and other dogs/animals, but killed a liter of kittens, my cat Sugar had last summer. Please use caution! I never thought my “Kita” was capable. She has NEVER shown any type of aggression toward animals or people, untill that. In fact when the kittens came she licked them and seemed mothering also. Came home from grocery shopping and found them dead. It was horrible. Every dog is different, but I wanted to share that because when I saw the story on yahoo news it shocked me when I saw it was an Akita. I would never want to give a breed a bad name, but I have herd other stories of the instinctive hunting behaviors the breed displays.
    I wish you the best and I hope your animals DO have a long loving relationship together.

  • kat

    Lily knows the baby needs her. Things may change when the kitten is older, though I hope not. I hope that Lily keeps her loving attitude toward “her” baby.

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  • Kayla the animal owner

    We adopted a 2 month old kitten we named Spirit, and my gradparents Bison Friza (Harry) loves him. They would play together, harry being gentle. One day before Christmas my cousin’s 6 month old puppy mut, fuzzy, who knew Spirit for a while started to get over excited and was about to play to hard, but before I could move the kitten Harry stepped in and lightly hits the puppy as to to say no, and jus laid down nex to Spirit showing a example of what to do.